I’m Abby Grace, this is a place for me to connect with likeminded individuals by sharing my learnings and finding out about yours!

Where do I begin? I believe energy is the core of everything, our very essence and existence. Often people talk about “awakening” experiences as if its singular or an isolated event but we are constantly evolving and growing.

I work in a fast paced corporate role managing multi-million dollar contracts and I love it! My biggest challenge is to walk my path  and keep firmly planted in the the real world, striking that ever allusive balance.

I am clairvoyant and clairsentient, I read energy and I like to use tarot and oracle cards as a tool to interpret people’s path. I call this soul guidance, and I have started offer readings for people.

My story

When I was 25 I became interested in spirituality after learning that some close family members are mediums, a light bulb went off in my head and I set about learning and opening up to this side of life…

Things started accelerating for me when I started having intense dreams and experiences with sleeping. If you are having crazy dreams then I’m your gal! #relatable

I am very intuitive, I hear, feel, sense and know things. I don’t see spirits walking around all the time, but I do get a lot of images and see the odd spirit here and there.


I had quite a few people reach out (or  more accurately..freak out) when they had a couple of experiences so I started a blog to write down some of the basics. It is now evolving with me.


Anything I write on this platform are my views only, the aim is to keep things quite basic and provide practical tips that have worked for me. There are many interrelated topics which can get very complex. I would like to keep this platform aimed  at spirituality 101 for the average person who is curious to find out more.