My first post: spirituality as a tap

My take on this whole spirituality thing is something that I don’t think is new or unique but I can’t seem to recall if or where I may have found this.
The concept is that spirituality is a tap.
Everyone has a tap. Some people are born with their tap fully turned on and it instantly and constantly flows since the moment they were born (the wonderful Jessica Reid). Then there are people that are born with physic ability but go about their lives not really thinking much about it or not understanding what they are experiencing and they have a serious life event or events that act as an awakening (Bernadette Logue, Amanda Linette-Meder, Sarah Petruno).
There are people like me that are told that a tap exists so go and hunt that tap down, they spend time looking around their yard trying to find it. Once found, victory! until the tap stops flowing and you find that its moved and you have to find it all over again.
There are a lot of people who have a tap buried under a tonne of concrete and its never going to see the light of day as they view this as a bunch of cr*p. Interestingly, sometimes these types of people say they would believe if there was irrefutable evidence and validated information about their lives offered up to them. It’s like they want to drink water but don’t want to go to the tap to get it…..
Does this resonate with you? how do you describe it?



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