Basics: dealing with fear

The four letter ‘F’ word
Lets start at the beginning. If you’re new at this and you don’t have anyone close to you that can guide you, then you’re most likely worried that if you flip your switch to “on” – then you will see ghosts. Everywhere. All the time, everyday.
You will probably think that you’ll come out into your lounge one day and see dead Aunty Mavis sitting at your table. Wait, it’s probably worse than this, you think that you’ll come out of your bedroom in the morning and see a wispy translucent spirit drifting through your home. OMG, imagine if they look at you! What about when you close your in eyes in the shower, or wash your face in the sink, do you dare look up? These are all the things that I thought would happen. If I sit back and think about it, I probably got this from society and movies – they really haven’t done the spirit world any favours.
What will happen?
You will most likely not “see” anything, it doesn’t happen like that. When you do it’s not consistent, or regular and sometimes you don’t see with your physical eyes.
Sure you may have experienced something – I don’t question that, maybe that’s why you’re researching this stuff right now. The spirit world will also prod you from time to time too. Then, sometimes when you’re learning you can randomly open up (for me its when I’m relaxed at home but distracted like doing housework). But on the whole you will not see people or ghosts just because you decided to get interested in spirituality. So you can relax.
The spirit world will only communicate with you in a way that you can handle and at your own pace. You don’t expect a baby to come out the womb with a full grasp of language, so it’s the same principle. Both sides are learning, you are learning about yourself and they are learning about how and what you can receive.
There are times when you do get a push, like one time when I opened my eyes in the shower and there was words written in the steam – my instant reaction was ‘COOL’.
When you’re worried about ghosts and you’re worried about what you’re going to experience then you’re in a state of fear, its perfectly normal but its definitely something you need to let go of. You need to release the fear and trust. Easier said than done, this is quite a personal thing and timing varies depending on what you need to release, some people don’t even really have any fear so as soon as they decide not to be afraid the next spiritual thing that happens to them they treat as ‘validation’ and a ‘sign’ and then they go oh sweet so this thing is real and I’m not afraid anymore, but this wasn’t my experience.
What did I do? Night times were crazy, I always had intense dreams growing up but when I started researching all this stuff I opened some type of neon sign that said ‘hey universe and any entities in it, I’m here, I’m new, come play’ so I turned my switch on but it was like full beam headlights with no dimmer switch. I heard shuffling around my bed all night, felt someone sitting on the end of my bed, someone calling my name as I drifted off to sleep, images of faces, the list goes on.
Here are my tips when you’re starting out.
  1. Protection, visualise white light bubble surrounding you which I do each morning in the shower  (read my post on protection)
  2. Chuck on an extra white light cloak of protection during the day when you feel the need
  3. If you’re worried about sleeping, then do an extra protection visualisation and blast white light out of your chest to light up your whole room and then picture this as a sonic BOOM, blast that sh*t away – there are free guided meditations on youtube that you can fall asleep too.
  4. Morning and Night mantra helped me ground myself (refer protection above)
  5. At night I pictured 4 passed loved ones at each corner of my bed and asked them to stay there and watch over me as I slept
  6. Are you drawn to crystals? you might want to wear physical protection. This can be anything that makes you feel strong and secure, its something your brain can wrap its head around too. For me, I found a necklace that belonged to my grandmother and I wore it everyday for 2 years when starting out – I felt constantly  bombarded.
Sometimes you implement these protection things when you’re in a state of fear, like when you draw the covers up over your head in bed and go lalalalalala but its important although you’re a bit scared to try and do this from a strong place inside yourself. How did I do this? I reminded myself that I came from love, that I am love and I chose a colour (orange) I pictured this coming from my heart and surrounding myself and my bed – so the key here is that it was coming from me, I am my own protection, I am empowered.
Love is the highest feeling of all, love is light and light beats out dark, game over. You are love and nothing bad can happen to you or take you over (I used to worry that someone calling my name meant they would take me over, sleepy worried me thought of some odd sh*t).
I would also try not to read everything that’s online, have some key people that you follow but don’t down the path of consuming all this material as you’ll get the good along with the bad and it fill your head. It all just adds noise that you could with out, focus on love.
Check yo’self
How you respond when you experience things plays a role, if I saw writing on the shower door and my gut reaction was to be afraid then I would 1. add negative energy into the world and 2. slow down my development. Try and acknowledge the things you experience, you don’t have to understand them or feel excited just focus on acknowledging them. Don’t forget the positive things, I would always focus on the things I didn’t understand or what I was scared of rather than acknowledging the cool synchronicity of life e.g. thinking of wanting to see my bestie who lives overseas and then she’d text saying she’s visiting soon etc.
You won’t see dead people everywhere all the time, protect yourself especially at night and try to get out of the fear zone.
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