I am writing this for someone very close to me who is curious and who I believe has natural abilities just desperate tSisters.jpgo get out.  Part of my soul group, my soul sister.
We’ve had pretty “typical” upbringings and lead relatively “normal” lives with the odd drama here and there. I manage (minor) anxiety that can creep up on me and I really have to sit down and grab deep down inside to figure out what is going on with me at the time – I will then do a healing meditation and I believe it’s the simple act of deep and considered breathing that eases it for me.
Why I am saying all of this? Who I am, my upbringing and experiences shape what and how I write. I understand that there are people that struggle with serious mental illness and stress, deep and achingly painful lives that hang over them. There are people that experience physic attacks and negative entities or even toxic people in their lives that cloud their days. If I don’t write about it, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist or is not valid. It doesn’t mean I can’t relate to you or that I’m unable to assist.
We are all attracted and directed to the material that we need to help us, so either you’re similar to me and can relate or you’re not – if you’re drawn to this space then there is something here for you. Dig deeper, maybe you’re here so I can learn from you?

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