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Basics: foundations


These are the basic principles that I believe you need to focus on when you are starting out.

Don’t get worried or caught up about negative thoughts manifesting drama in your life, or that you need to improve on giving out love into the world because otherwise somehow you will miss guidance or experiences. This will all come with time and you’re not going to do any damage at this early stage.


Protection is very important, you need to ensure you are protecting your energy and yourself. Melaine Beckler has some good basic guidance on her website here


Are you clumsy? Accident prone? Do you get dizzy spells and have balance issues? I often feel this way and sometimes feel as if I’m outside of my body. Sometimes after a meditation you can feel giddy or even nausea – this means you just need take a few moments and ground yourself and connect to the earth energy. I do this every night.

Check out my article on grounding.


This is the trick I missed out on, I sometimes wonder where I would be now if I had figured this out a couple of years ago. I got so excited by all the knowledge and material out there, I focused on growing a connection outwardly and consequently skipped a step of understanding myself. It’s not necessarily the same as going and “finding yourself” but some of the same principles apply. As humans we want to seek outside of ourselves but the lessons and learning come from going within.

Check out my article on the self


Doreen Virtue has a really good free online oracle deck on her website where you can ask questions and receive guidance. She also has a huge range of oracle cards that you can purchase, I like her card decks as the messages are always positive and can be less daunting than a traditional tarot deck and less confusing then getting to grips with other divination tools.

Visit Doreen’s website here


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