Healing and communicating with passed loved ones

I listen to videos when doing the housework and I will write a post soon about my top fav’s.
Here’s my thoughts about the value of the human experience and that we are all healers.

Human’s that are interested in spirituality will often look outside of themselves by looking towards spirit and sometimes even putting so much into that world or other dimensions that you can put your current life down in the ranking. You will even reaffirm to yourself that you are an energetic being living a human experience on the earth plane, with all the density and emotionality that comes with such an existence. We are here to learn and there is an inference in society that we all seem to accept: if you are student and you are learning at something you are somewhat lesser in importance than the teachers. I think this applies to how we can get so focused on the spiritual side that we see the human experience as a great big classroom that we will graduate from. Well I catch myself thinking this, not sure if others do.

While im not going to counter the above sentiment, I listened to something today that stuck with me all day. It’s the idea that anyone interested in spirituality is ‘open’ and by virtue of being open you are an intermediary between two worlds, you are a communicator, or a receiver and you offer something to spirit. By dreaming about your loved ones or having photographs of them around your house you are honouring their life and their spirit – their soul. They feel this energetic love, this is an act of communication and an act of healing. We are all healers and in the truest sense of the definition, mediums. The in-between. The connective tissue. Don’t lose sight of the fact that we do have something to offer in the here and now, in all the density and emotional jumble that is the human experience.

How would you offer healing if you are not a psychic medium or if you can’t turn on instant communication with your guides?

Ideas and thoughts are a form of communication, so either someone will pop into your head or you may think about someone on the other side that you miss or you feel like there is unresolved issues or conversations that you’d like to have.

  1. Pick photos of them that you love and display them in your house, when you walk by smile at them and send a burst of pink light from your heart to them
  2. Write a letter to them, write out anything you want to say
  3. Pick an item that reminds you of them and hold it, set the intention that this is going to be your way of talking to them. Then just start off a conversation, tell them things. You may progress beyond this to holding this item during meditation, sleeping next to it and requesting dream visitations.

This is how I remembered our passed loved ones at our wedding… potted lavender with a luggage tag with their name on it.




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