The Who’s Who

I thought I’d take time to address the mass of information out there and how to know what to trust…

The crux of it is: if you are drawn to it, it’s meant for you. If you are 20 pages deep into google and you find something that counters an earlier message that you read, should you really trust it? What does your gut say deep down (beyond the doubt, fear and ego).

With myself, I often found that I was subconsciously trying to find the opposite message or evidence of contradicting teachings and it all boiled down to the fact that I was searching for something to validating my fears, because letting go and trusting is a really big deal and its hard.

In summary, don’t worry about desperately trying to read every single thing from every single blog or video. It will find its way to you.

Don’t second guess the things you are drawn to, there are those you will follow for a long time and those that you only seek for a short time. It is all good. Don’t stress.

These are someone of the god father’s / mother’s

Who am I following at the moment? Probably obvious from my earlier posts but:

I subscribe to all of their youtube accounts and then when I’m doing the housework I play the video’s and listen to them. Sometimes I listen to them when I’m getting ready for work, think about how you might be able to work these video’s into your life – you might be surprised.

Who do you follow? Who should we add to the list for people starting out?


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