Being an empath – what does it mean?

Being an empath means that you experience others emotions and feelings as if they were your own.

The feelings will kill your buzz and hang around you -often people don’t know that the way they are feeling is due to other people’s energy. At the extreme end of the scale some say that a person who is diagnosed with mental illnesses like depression / bipolar are in fact just empaths.

What are the signs?

You can take a quiz! click here  

Check out Amanda Linette-Meder’s 13 Signs You’re an Empath

  1. Do you find yourself carrying the burden of others?
  2. Are social situations increasingly draining and uncomfortable for you?
  3. Do you dislike or like a person for reasons you can’t explain?
  4. Do you feel anxious in crowds or have mood swings regularly?
  5. Do you go through waves of depression and then shortly thereafter, experience heights of joy?
  6. Are you easily excited about ideas, dreams and the hopes of others?
  7. Are you continually being smeared with the problems, complaints and issues of others?
  8. Do you suddenly feel ill, sick or nauseous, for no reason at all?
  9. Do you sometimes feel you can hear the thoughts of others or know what they are thinking even when they don’t say it?
  10. Can you tell when someone is faking it?
  11. Have you been called or accused of being too sensitive?
  12. Do highly value your own emotions and ask that others value them as well?
  13. Are you able to walk into a room and sense when something is off or an argument was just underway?

My experience

I found out way too late about what it means to be an empath, luckily it doesn’t affect me badly like it can do to some other people. But it certainly explained the up’s and down’s and the inconsistent or sporadic experience of being completely drained of energy.

I also noticed that when people were telling me a story about their day or a situation, I would really feel the emotion of it and want to heal and protect them. It took me awhile to notice that this was happening when I was talking to people – I guess because I was being a good listener! I didn’t listen to my inner chatter.

I would walk away and take on all their emotion and the pressure of wanting to solve their problems.

Things got better for me when I could label it, I started to then identify where I was on the scale and what kind of experiences I was having and what my triggers were.

I was already doing daily protection affirmations in the morning but this new found knowledge ensured that I did it every day without fail.

What to do

  1. Morning protection
  2. Re-protect yourself throughout the day when you feel low energy or down or about to go into one of your “trigger” situations
  3. Imagine a white cloak of protection, put this around your shoulder when you need an extra boost
  4. Research it and try and find out how much you think it affects you
  5. Reach out, talk to fellow empaths they will share tools and tips with you


Here are a series of helpful exercises from Sarah Petruno, she suffered through multiple diagnoses of mental illnesses and has written numerous blog posts about it

Must have advice for empaths

How to turn down your abilities

Youtube video

Check out Amanda Linette-Meder’s 13 Signs You’re an Empath article

Ready to delve deeper? read my second blog post on being an empath


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