Sleep & Dreams Part 1: my experiences

Sleeping can be hard, it’s often when we are most vulnerable. Our brain switches off from the hustle of our busy lives and the subconscious has more room to breathe – it’s often when the spirit world will try to connect with us.

I’ve been having a lot of conversations with different people at the moment about dreams and sleeping. I didn’t intend to ever write (in the manner that I have below) about my experiences – especially the negative ones!  but I feel compelled to share. I may not understand now, but I feel this will all be helpful.

Part 1 – my experiences

Part 2 – tips and tricks

Part 3 – current habits

My experiences

  • Drifting off to sleep and hearing my name being shouted.
  • Drifting off to sleep and hearing my husband talking to me but he swears he never said anything.
  • Feeling someone sit at the end of my bed.
  • Hearing shuffling of someone walking around the perimeter of my bed each night for months.
  • Hearing music, talking and laughter and thinking that I wish my neighbours would be quiet – only to find that it’s not them, im asleep and have woken up.
  • Feeling two hands depress down onto the bed down by my feet and shake the mattress – I thought it was an earthquake or that spasming leg thing that can happen when you’re falling asleep, but it wasn’t.
  • Seeing colours in the dark.
  • Thinking to myself ‘hey what are they talking about’ and opening my eyes to see my energetic body sitting up, half out of my body talking to my deceased grandfather – so much love and warmth, I’m so desperate to join them and then I jolt awake and realise my human / real eyes weren’t open at all.
  • Out of body experience. Watched myself sleeping.
  • One time I felt like I was being taken over. A dark feeling and colour came into my mind and started to seep in, every cell in my body stood at high alert and I just started screaming in my head for every Archangel I could think of and my passed loved ones to help me. I woke up in the morning and thought I made it all up and looked down to find an ear plug stood upright in the middle of the bedroom floor where I had pictured my Grandad standing.
  • Sensing and seeing 4-5 people standing next to my bed holding a meeting about me and my life (positive energy, probably my guides).
  • Opening my eyes and “catching” a man crouching in the corner of my room – he did a double take when I stared right at him. He stayed crouching and started laughing at me. When I woke up from fright I realised my human / real eyes weren’t open at all.
  • My husband has found me sitting at the end of the bed freezing cold sometimes talking to someone, sometimes not.
  • During my uni years I would wake up at 11:11pm every night and I would wake up as I was turning on my bedroom light – happened almost every night for months in a row. Sometimes I would wake up in the morning and find my TV turned on to static with no sound.
  • Opening my eyes to see someone walking into my mirror. I get a fright and wake up.
  • I used to sleep walk when I was younger

The above experiences aren’t even my dream stories! They will take too much to write so here is just a sample of the different types of dreams I experience:

  • Different realities: I will dream my normal morning routine but go off and do different things like instead of going to work I’ll go back to my childhood home.
  • Horrible nightmares that could make me a lot of money if I turned them into movies! Luckily these don’t hardly ever happen.
  • Vivid dreams: sometimes playful and mucking around with my reality, one time I woke up as a toy train track had installed itself around my room and I watched a toy steam train choo-choo through my room. I laugh which makes me wake up. Other times the dreams are like other worlds, so vivid.

If you think you are having a weird sleeping / dream situation then please get in touch. The things I have written above are only some of the things I’ve experienced, but I’ve experienced quite a lot and if I can do anything to help you I will.

Read Part 2 – tips and tricks

Read Part 3 – current habits


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