Sleep & Dreams Part 2: tips and tricks

I experience anxiety at times which really messes with my ability to settle, relax and stay asleep. Here are some of the techniques I have used over many years. I usually just go with what I feel I need on any given day.
  1. Get comfortable in your normal sleeping position and take a few deep breaths, it sounds funny but really distend and push your belly out
  2. Picture roots coming out of your feet, down through the earth until you hit the core. Take your time imagining it, some people like to see crystals on the way down. Picture the centre however you like, bright white or blue light maybe you like to think of it as mother earth? Wrap those roots around it and breathe in deeply. Imagine the earth energy coming up your body
  3. Surround yourself and your bed in a bubble of white light
  4. Get positive! Either think of a happy memory and / or say affirmations to yourself like ‘I am love, I love myself and I love others, I am safe and protected’
  5. Ask to have a peaceful restful nights sleep, set this intention

Pick ‘n’ mix spiritual

  • Call in one, two or several Archangels and picture their colour coming down to join your bubble
  • Picture a colour that resonates with you and surround yourself in it
  • Picture a passed loved one at each of the four corners of your bed and ask them to protect you, sometimes you can picture their arms up over your bed
  • Expand this light to fill up your room, then your house and then picture the bubble around your whole house. Sometimes I will even “blast” it out.
  • Imagine angels coming down and hovering over your house and send up any cares or troubles to them and release them. Think to yourself ‘I release and surrender that which no longer serves me’
  • Sleep with a crystal or protection item under your pillow – early on I found having something physical to hold or see was a much easier concept then thinking or calling in anything in help
  • If I find myself thinking about an interaction I’ve had during the day or someone has really bugged me, I will picture giant scissors cutting around my body. This cuts any ties that I have with them.
  • Listen to a guided sleep meditation

Pick ‘n’ mix practical

  • Take 5 deep breaths in and out
  • Picture your mind as white or blank. Sometimes my mind would be so active I would actually have to spell out B.L.A.N.K over and over in my head
  • Picture 3 boxes: the day that’s been (the past), work stuff, future things, or anything else on your mind like ‘wedding’ for example and then let the day replay on fast forward in your head and then dump it all in the past box. Scan yourself for any concerns that are deep down, usually its something silly like a remark you made at work and stick this in the corresponding box
  • Picture yourself at the top of some stairs, at the bottom of the stairs is a door, spend time imaging this door. Slowly walk down the stairs and relax a part of your body which each step. The door represents sleep. When you get to the bottom open the door to the darkness.
  • Think of your day or your worries and put them in hot air balloons, imagine them drifting up into the sky.

What happens is something wakes you in the night?

There are many things that can wake you in the night, usually the reaction I have is that I feel like I’ve jumped a foot in the air and my heart is thumping so loud my ears are ringing. We can all relate to this feeling.

Over time I’ve learnt to recognise it as something that can happen, sit with it for a little (let the adrenaline die down) and begin my ritual again.

If I think it’s something spirit related I will send out a thought, trust your gut. Usually mine is something like: I am living a human experience, I need restful sleep. I acknowledge you but please leave. Or I will send out light and love into the room and quickly call in my  ”team” to act fast.  Remind yourself that you are safe.

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