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Basics: grounding

Grounding is mentioned everywhere, it is a core principle to spirituality and luckily it’s a really easy concept to grasp – it’s all in the name, no degree required to figure this one out!

Why do it?

I am very clumsy. I am always tripping, falling, injuring myself, spilling things and breaking things. I am clumsy because im not paying attention and I often don’t feel quite connected to my body 100% of the time. I don’t know if other people experience this?

I also have balance issues from a middle ear operation when I was 4. I live with constant ringing in my ears because of this and I also feel dizzy quite often.

For me when I am meditating or doing anything spiritual I find it very easy to cast my mind outside of my head and up to wherever I am wanting to go. I have found if I don’t do a grounding exercise then I will feel out of sync with my physical body and I will sometimes feel nauseous afterwards. Other times I have felt really ‘light’ like I’m floating and this isn’t the greatest when you need to crack on with your day.

If I set roots down before I do anything it makes it easier to find my way back, this quote below perfectly sums it up.


How do you do it?

Essentially it’s all about visualisation, so whatever works for you – there are no rules. My grounding exercises change from time to time so I’ll talk you through what I do currently. Full disclosure:  I would have read this somewhere a long time ago, so it is not unique to me. A lot of grounding articles will have similar steps so just google it.

  • Try to relax, take some deep breaths
  • Picture roots coming out of your feet down into the earth
  • Take time to picture them going through the floor, into the soil, down through the layers of the earth and finally, picture them reaching the core of the earth
  • You can picture the core of the earth as a ball of coloured light, as a symbol like a pyramid or whatever works for you. For me, at the moment I think of it like a ball of bright, glowing, green energy and I specifically think of it as “mother earth” so a female, caring, nurturing and healing energy
  • Wrap your roots around the core of the earth
  • Breathe in and picture this energy coming up from the earth to your body
  • Give thanks, send gratitude to the earth just by smiling or thinking it


  • I breathe in earth energy up my right leg
  • I then picture the day’s troubles as grey energy and on the exhale I send it down my left leg
  • Repeat

(Edit: whilst drafting this post I remembered the above 2 ‘extra’ steps come from Sarah Petruno’s article on grounding, check it out! and I also know that Neil Cooper has a similar free guided meditation on YouTube).

Lately I have been picturing white light coming down through my crown chakra and combining with the earth energy, I will then send both colours through my body, through my chakra’s and out into my aura.

Where and when do you do it?

It seems like a lengthy exercise when you read the above steps but it can be as quick as you need it to be. Here are some different scenarios of when I carry out a grounding exercise:

  • In the shower. Picture the water as cleansing you spiritually and washing away anything you don’t want down the drain.
  • When going to sleep.
  • In the toilet cubicle at work, pause for 3 seconds before you open the stall door.
  • If I am going through a period when I am particularly sensitive to energy for whatever reason, sometimes the very act of walking down a busy street is overwhelming. As I am walking down the street I will picture my white bubble of protection and at the same time I will send roots down as I walk along the pavement.
  • Watching telly. Whilst knitting / chilling watching a movie sometimes I will feel my energy go ‘buzzy’ so I send roots down while I’m on the couch.
  • Guided meditation. There are times when I will specifically take myself away and purposefully set aside 15 – 20 minutes and to do a guided grounding meditation.


Working with the earth gardening or walking next to the ocean also work for me and there are other alternatives too.  What makes you feel present, connected, content and happy? It could be baking with your kids, playing with your dog, scrapbooking. Whatever it is please be aware that this can also be a form of grounding as you connect with yourself and get centered.


I would recommend googling some articles and figuring out what resonates with you, try and work it into your day and see if it makes a difference to how you feel.



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