Sleep & Dreams Part 3: current habits

Read Part 1: my experiences to understand what I used to experience every night when trying to sleep

Read Part 2: tips and tricks for information on what I have found helpful

These days I am pretty lucky that I don’t experience anywhere near the intensity or frequency of things that I used to.

I was reflecting on why this is and have come up with the following reasons:

  • I ground and protect myself
  • I protect my home and set rules about what interaction I want
  • I have elevated myself to a higher vibration (moved beyond fear)
  • My ability to discern is getting stronger, by that I mean the ability to know what things are and where the feelings are coming from for example my own anxiety vs. spirits or energy
  • I am learning to trust what I’m feeling and know what tool I need to pull out to remedy it

In a reading that I had with Jessica Reid she said that I have a lot of energy around me, a lot of people waiting for me to open up so that I can communicate with their loved ones for them. She suggested that if I am struggling to sleep restfully then I can call upon Archangel Michael and picture his wings completely around me while I am sleeping.

I have always experienced intense dreams, sleep walking and find settling and staying asleep quite difficult. This whole sleeping business will be something that I will always be working on. If you read Part 1 and can relate to any of those experiences, then know that if I can have a decent night sleep most nights then you can to!



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