Energetic house clearing

Ever walk in to a house or room and feel a bit on edge? Feel dense or thick energy? Get goose bumps? Kids won’t sleep in particular bedrooms? It could be time to clear your house.

The general rule of thumb that I use is: if I’m thinking about energy in my house or a room then it’s time to clear it.

When I first started opening up I needed to clear my bedroom frequently (every weekend), but now I don’t need to do it that often at all – and I am in a new house so maybe that has something to do with it.

What is it?

It can be spirits, particularly earth bound spirits. What I have learnt is that they are mostly not here for you, you might be picking up on them but they aren’t always there purely to mess with you. Twice I’ve found that the spirit energy I encountered was because the house was built over what used to be bare land and the spirits were simply following their usual path.

You can also be picking up on past occupant’s energy ‘junk’ that they’ve left behind. Negative energy like arguments, depression and sadness can all linger.

Energy clearing 101

When I first started I didn’t know what I was doing, I read a lot of articles and tried to remember all of the lines that I needed to say but it felt like I was just acting at it. That thought would make me doubt if I was doing it right and then I would think well if I’m doubting it, is it working? on and on this loop would play around in my head.

I found it helpful to focus my attention on something physical but I didn’t want to go out and buy sage and start burning it and set off the smoke alarms! So I settled on candles. It gave me something to hold and something to focus on.

What do you believe in? Angels, spirit guides, spirit animals, a passed loved one? Who have you dreamt about recently or who would you like to think is watching over you? Got them in mind? Good. Call them in by asking them to be with you and get them to phone a friend, ask them to bring in whoever they feel is best placed to assist you.

Success depends on one thing, intention. If you have the intention that you are clearing away negative energy then that is exactly what you will do. Sometimes I accidentally say the wrong word or stumble through a sentence but it doesn’t matter because my intent is clear and that is why it works and that is why anyone can do it.

Here is my basic process but you should amend it to what resonates with you.

  • I ground myself (read my grounding post)
  • I surround myself in a bubble of white light (read my protection post)
  • I call in my spirit team and ask them to help me
  • I light a candle
  • I start at the front door and start talking out loud (you could do it in your head if you prefer)
  • I usually say something along the lines of “all negative energies and entities be gone, all spirits that are not permitted here must leave, I cleanse this room (walk to all four corners with the candle) and bathe it in white light, no spirits are welcome here only those of the highest vibration….” I honestly just babble along those lines. Google for inspiration!
  • Whatever I am saying I picture, when leaving a room I picture it covered thickly in every crevasse in white protective light like thick paint
  • Move on to the next room
  • At the end sit on the couch take a couple of deep breaths and take a moment to picture the whole outside of your house surrounded in white light

At night when you’re going to sleep you can remind yourself that you are safe and protected. Picture the outside of your house glowing bright white. It’s like a barrier, no spirits can get in. Magic.

If you read my sleep post you can see how the combination of a house clearing, a protection visualisation of your house and the reaffirmation as you drift to sleep is so powerful.

Energy clearing 102

I’ve stepped it up a bit recently and started doing it for other people, well one person and only once but it’s a big step!

What is different is that I realised I’m a lot more confident and I called in a much bigger team, I went large. Here is the process I made up on the spot.

  • Ground and protected myself
  • Called in my spirit team but also asked angels to be present, I imagined them right by my side and pictured that they had one hand on each of my shoulders giving me strength and courage
  • I held the candle and spoke out loud that I set the intention that this candle symbolises the clearing of the house and will be lit by the house owner whenever there needs to be a boost. It is light, it is love
  • I warned the house what I was about to do and said that I have permission to do this, my voice is the owners voice, we speak as one
  • I followed the steps list above (same lines and visualisation)
  • Over the children’s beds I asked for their guides to come in and give them extra protection. I pictured an extra bubble of protection over their beds.
  • I sealed up the whole house and pictured angels above the house taking away any old, grey energy – sucking it up like a vacuum cleaner. I asked the angels to assist any spirits that need moving on and to take them away.
  • Thank everyone, send out love vibes all round
  • Afterwards I walked around the house, I felt that it had been cleared but almost too well it needed love back in it. I was already listening to music so I went into each room and played my favourite song – raising the vibration of the room
  • Bathe yourself in white light at the end like a shower to ensure you haven’t got anything or entity accidentally stuck to you. Before I stepped in my front door I pictured anything attached to me being stuck outside and I cut the cord.

What can you use?

Anything that you feel an affinity with, I have always loved candles and crystals so naturally that’s my go to.

You can use sage, chimes, feathers to swoosh the energy out, oil burners or incense. My aunty even clashes pots and pans around the house to bring the noise (she advises fresh air, windows open and loud noise).

When can you do it?

Sometimes it can be as simple as just thinking and setting intention. I am surprised writing this list how often I do it without thinking.

  • Moving into a new house or flat
  • Leaving a house or flat – I cut cords and clean the house out
  • Walking around someone’s house and feeling energy
  • When someone is staying in the spare room, clear the room before and after. I do this when changing the sheets by releasing anything that’s in the room and restoring it
  • Staying in a hotel! Huge one for me, sometimes I walk in and almost shudder. Nothing bad usually, just a lot going on.


Young children can be particularly sensitive to energy and can be naturally quite psychic. If a child complains about seeing ghosts, or is afraid of sleeping just reassure them that nothing can hurt them. For me it doesn’t matter what they complain about (ghosts, scary dinosaurs, monsters) whatever they think they see is what is causing them to be upset, I don’t focus on validating or pointing out fact vs. fiction, I focus on how it is making them feel. If they are afraid then that’s what we need to fix.

Depending on the child, situation or your beliefs you can try the following:

  • Confirm where in the house they are afraid of and if anything tries to stop them sleeping ( with this I am trying to figure out whether its a spirit who is messing with them, a guide who is protecting them etc it helps me confirm my action plan)
  • Tell them that they can just tell whatever it is to go away
  • Tell them to shine a bright white torch on it from their heart
  • Get them to draw something that they think will protect them and get them to stick above their bed or around the house where they want
  • Give them their own “monster spray” of water and lavender oil

What’s next?

  • I am going to get a spray bottle and mix lavender oil in it and use whenever I’m changing my own bed sheets
  • I’m researching crystal grids
  • I’m practicing on homes (not only practice clearing but practice picking up on energy)

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