Basics: protection

In my first blog post I wrote about fear and how it’s a natural state to be in when you’re starting out. I’ve also written about the different things that I have experienced when I have been sleeping. I have touched on protection in my fear post, but I want to dedicate a proper post to this topic.

Protection is really important, it’s the first thing that my Aunty told me to do when I told her that I saw my first spirit (and that it felt negative). She said to call upon Archangel Michael and ask him to protect me. But what does it mean and why do it?

When I started out I felt like I had some type of neon sign that said ‘hey universe and any entities in it, I’m here, I’m new, come play”. I turned my switch on but it had no dimmer.

Protection is exactly what it says on the tin. You ask for it, you visualise it, you believe it and it works. It is a force that protects you from spirits, negative energy, other peoples energy or anything that you ask to be protected against (for example prior to public speaking or driving in you car).

It is particularly important to do when you are new as you don’t usually have a high degree of discernment or the ability to discern what you experiencing.

Discernment is a fancy term for knowing and being able to label things and know what they are. For example, when you know that a shiver down your left arm means your uncle bob is with you. Not many people can just wake up knowing this type of stuff, it takes practice.

Asking for protection helps you when you’re learning.

If you feel silly or question if it’s working, don’t worry do it anyway. I would start out mumbling things to myself and almost laughing as I was saying it, but you know what happened? The night experiences lessened and coming home drained from other people stopped. If its not doing any harm its worth a go.


How to do it

You can get all full on and do a guided meditation but who has time for that? I will run you through what I do:

  • In the morning in the shower if I’ve had a yuck dream I’ll imagine the shower washing away any experiences from the night (so putting it in the past, you know how you can relive dreams when you first wake up? Well ditch it)
  • I say this in my head “I call upon my spirit team to be with me today, to protect and guide me. I call upon Archangel Michael and Ralphael to send me white and green bubble of protection and protect me from other people’s energy”
  • Then I visualise the green and white bubble around me
  • I also quickly do my grounding visualisation

There are no rules, just say whatever you feel like. It is all about the intention, if you intend to call in help to protect you it will work.

Try it

  • Apply the above techniques
  • Practise with what resonates with you
  • Google it, see what you find!

Check out this article from Ask Angels

Check out this article by Sarah Petruno for how to protect kids





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