House protection: setting rules with ghosties

I want to share with you something really simple that you can do to protect your home. Did you know that you can set rules around your house about what / who you will allow in?


Firstly we should probably go over the different types of spirits. I’ve read some fairly detailed posts and articles on this subject, so let’s just keep it simple.

  1. Earthbound spirits – the new age name for what you’d know as “ghosts”. These are spirits that haven’t crossed over (or whatever term you want to use) and they have chosen to remain in this realm. They are very much on the earthly plane, they have a denser energy which is why they can “interact” a bit easier.
  2. Angelic beings – are from higher dimensions, they are of a high vibration which means they radiate pure love and light and they only have the best intentions for us in line with our soul’s purpose. They are here to protect and serve, they guide us and help us on our path. There are different ranks or levels of Angels like Archangels vs. Guardian Angels but we can get to that another day.
  3. Spirit guides – everyone has spirit guides, absolutely everyone. Guides can be passed loved ones, your ancestors, Angels, animals, beings from other realms. Spirit guides are on your team, you usually have 3-5 main ones for your whole life but then you can have additional ones that will drop in for things like pregnancy, a career change, lessons that you need to learn or they will be with you for a certain event like a wedding for example (as I was writing that I just had the image of a fairy godmother, haha).

To make life simpler you could lump category 2 and 3 together.

In my experience earthbound spirits are the ones that cause “issues”, quite often they don’t mean to. Their energy and presence is sometimes easier to pick up on because of the way they present to us or make themselves known.

Most of them don’t mean us any harm and I have to remind myself of this when I encounter them. They are going about their business and sometimes in their view it’s you that has intruded on their space. Your house might be what they knew as their favourite garden, so remember that they don’t always know that they are fully cramping your style.

I have experienced earthbound spirits in what’s termed as high traffic areas. Rather than experiencing visitations I will quite literally bump into them. I recently cleared a home that was experiencing this very thing – the house was in the middle of a highway for ancestral spirits.

What can I do?

When I was new to this spirituality thing I would carry out these steps as I was going to sleep:

  • Do a quick grounding
  • Do a quick protection of myself, my bed and my room (you can send this out to your kids rooms)
  • Imagine your whole house surrounded in white light
  • Think in your head “I only invite beings of the highest vibration for my highest good into my home” then I would picture my team (passed loved ones, angels and guides)
  • You can go further and add things like ‘No earthbound spirits or negative entities are to enter my property”

If you don’t want to do this as you’re falling asleep then write it out on a piece of paper, leave it on a windowsill and put a crystal on it overnight.

And of course there is always smudging with sage and using crystal grids, but I’m a simple gal and I always share what I do and what has worked for me.

What do you do if you see a spirit?

If you see a spirit and you don’t want them there then politely ask them to leave, sometimes being polite doesn’t work and you need to repeat this exercise by being very stern.

I was very stern and firm when I did a house clearing and received a message through my tarot’s (and my intuitive interpretation) that I was too harsh. I assumed the spirits were choosing to hang out in the house and pester the occupants and I realised that I needed to come at the situation with compassion, understanding and love. Duly noted.

If feel something weird or catch something out of the corner of your eye, simply say out loud, “Leave, go, you are unwelcome here”.

Check out these articles

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