Words and their vibration

Confirmation from the collective Abraham! I’ve been wondering about this for awhile and I received clarity today. 

They say words carry energetic vibration. Negative words have negative connotations and negative thoughts associated to them – they are of a low vibration.

What if you say a negative word but it’s in jest? Is that negative? What if you were to say a negative word but concentrate on pouring out love while saying it?

The short answer is that if you have the right intention and vibration behind something when you say it, then it is not negative. 

Instead of constantly worrying about your thoughts and trying be positive 100% of time, I say just approach everything with authenticity, honesty, integrity and love. You will then be able to separate the ego from what you say, think and ultimately do. Surely that’s a winner!

If you do find yourself thinking negatively about yourself or others then I like Doreen Virtue’s trick of quickly thinking “cancel, clear, delete” check out her article


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