Being an empath – digging deeper

I recently wrote a brief post on what being an empath is, but in this post I’d like to delve a little deeper…

Energy is everything and everywhere. Energy IS us and everything in our world, my belief system is sometimes simply put as “energy” – this is usually in response to other people’s queries after they find out that I do Tarot’s or whatever, the human desire to label and pigeon hole people into structures!

Energy is also language.

Your body talks to you in this way (the infamous gut feeling) and you can pick up on so many non-verbal clues before you walk into a room, this is energy too. We can all recall a time where someone is approaching you and before the other person opens their mouth you know what’s coming, or you walk into a room and everyone is silent and you pick up on what’s happening.

We are energetic beings.

We are a soul experiencing a human life.

What is energy? It’s a language, but what it is conveying?

Think back to that room you just walked into, what’s the vibe you are picking up on? Usually it has an emotion at is core.

Energy is language, the language of emotion.

Humans are emotional beings, that’s why we chose to incarnate on the earth plane. It is the greatest gift and sometimes a very real struggle. Most of us are are born with spiritual amnesia, our connection back to source, the universe, God, All that Is – whatever label you want to put on it.

Put it all together: humans are emotional beings, energy is a language in and of itself and most of us are born with what I call spiritual amnesia but we also have this deep knowing or feeling that there is something out there, almost a calling.

Cut back to your life now: you’re losing it, you think you’re going mad, you feel emotional and all over the place. Your heart feels heavy, your shoulders are weighed down. Your thoughts constantly turn to other peoples problems and what you can do to solve them. You go to sleep with deep concern and anxiety about how you can fix the problem. You forget yourself and when you do tune into yourself you don’t understand any of it, you feel too much or too little so you shut it down. You might drink, do drugs or just bury everything under 20 tonnes of concrete (my personal fav).

There is nothing wrong with you.

You are highly tuned into other people’s emotions and energy and all you need is some tools to help you deal with the hand you’ve been given.

The more that you take charge and close the gap between the amnesia and knowing, the better it gets.

How to start

You have to start listening to what chatter is happening in your brain, you’ll be surprised what you’re telling yourself and what belief systems you have collected over your life. The aim is to then master the chatter and reprogramme it into something else – another post!

I started with these things:

  1. Grounding and protection
  2. Clearing my brain out before going to sleep
  3. Start saying no, or at least start being consciously aware about what you keep signing yourself up to
  4. I read a lot that said I needed to love myself, what does that even mean? It was way too hard to tackle. What I did was when I was walking down the street, in my mind, I would pay a compliment to everyone that passed me. It didn’t matter how small or ridiculous it was I would recite something like: nice purple scarf, nice eyes, cool lipstick, you look happy. Try and speed it up so that eventually you see a person and the next spilt second is something positive. Here is a quote I wrote when I was 16 but only understood in my late twenties.

send love

  1. Stop avoiding yourself. Do you feel like you’re a bit disconnected? I lost 20 kilos and felt great but I didn’t feel “connected” with myself. I can’t really describe it anymore detail than that. I realised I was pretty much avoiding mirrors so I stopped that. Everytime I walked past a mirror I smiled at myself. It works!
  2. Going into a big meeting? An interview? A toxic friend situation? Pause, ground and protect. What does this do? It starts getting you into the habit of putting yourself first, assessing situations on the go and tuning into your energy
  3. Journal! Write ‘I AM’ affirmations, it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it at first or you feel silly just start writing what it is that you want to be. I am supported, I am healed, I love myself, I am in alignment with my purpose and who I am, I am surrounded by friends that support me on my path.

When you start to take action you signal to the universe that this is what you want more of. Paying compliments to strangers will return to you. Conversely, worrying about your friends situations and focusing on why this, why that, or why don’t I have x, y and z means that you will attract more of this and less of what it is that you really desire.

My mate Gandhi has got it in one with this famous quote


It’s time to level up my friend! Take these actions and you’ll step up into a higher vibration.







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