Purpose – breaking it down 🌏💚

We all have a purpose and it’s more than what you want to do for a job, or what you end up doing for job.

Your purpose is really about your souls purpose. It usually pertains to what you are here to learn (or teach) at a deeper level. There are some associated terms that I will cover another day: soul contracts, linear time and multiple lives. 

The plan evolves

The key thing to know is that discovering your purpose is ever evolving. It’s not like you receive an idea and then a handbook lands in your inbox with a definition of your master plan and the steps of how to get there. I wish I knew this earlier as I was constantly reading blogs and articles that were saying that I must strive to be in alignment with my souls purpose. What does that even mean? That I have to find some hippy job…?  Huh. 

Seeking clarity

I tried meditating on the topic, I tried writing out detailed plans, I tried ignoring it – but nothing seemed to click, I didn’t seem to be having the “a-ha” moment. Then I realised that I was so busy worrying about the how and the when, that the WHAT was struggling to be heard! In truth, if I really thought about it, I did actually know the answer but I was wanting proof and validation every step of the way and life just doesn’t work like that. 

Finding your purpose is about teasing out what is in your heart, what makes you happy and narrowing down the “thing” that keeps you going. 

It can be fairly generic like helping others, healing or a little more specific like working with animals. It can be all of those things too, like helping others by healing their animals. You might know this all at once or you might find out bit by bit – it’s all ok.

You can figure this out by calming the mind, slowing down and going inward. You take small steps and these contributing actions keep building until the pathway becomes clearer.  Just when you think you know the whole picture, you will grow even more!

Gotta pay the bills

You know what else? You don’t have to quit your day job (unless thats specifically want you want to do). I used to ponder… what if I discover that I’m a healer, do I have to go learn reki, quit my job and set up a new business? The answer is no. Finding your purpose can be as big or as small as you’d like it to be, just take one step at a time and that’s all you have to do.

The soul knows the plan, you just need to quieten the mind to hear it.

Here is how I made a start:

  • I wrote down my core values (family, helping others, being authentic)
  • I assessed the key areas of my life by writing down the headings of: relationships, money, career, spirituality, health etc and then writing down what is working well and not so well
  • Brainstormed different ideas without much filtering from the brain 
  • Then I went back to see the patterns between the ideas, values and any areas for improvement. Think: what are the blocks? what are the themes?

Now you have a roadmap!

  • Talk it through with like minded people
  • Test things out, interested in helping people? Then volunteer! It doesn’t matter where, just do it and see how it resonates with you

I find Tarots and Orcale cards can be really helpful to clarify what direction to take. Doreen Virtue has a Orcale card deck for life purpose and you can always get a reading from a medium who can tune into your guides. 

Your ultimate purpose is to be your true self, help others and live with love. Anything else you find out is a bonus!


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