Figuring out your truth

We each have our own truth and our own journey to discover what exactly it comes to mean for us, for our own unique experience.

I have experienced with myself and with others the desire to label things, to pigeon hole something. I have realised how prevalent this is in our society and how we’ve come to accept this as common practice.


Think about it, you are reading a blog or an article of a spiritual nature and the person may be explaining a concept or writing about a topic that really resonates with you, then at the end of the piece you come to read that they channel their messages direct from aliens, or Jesus or angels. You sometimes inwardly cringe and kind of disregard what they are saying or it makes you think hmm do I have to believe in aliens now? This is often a split second inner conversation with yourself.


The trap that we often fall into is comparing and dismissing other people’s beliefs in order to figure out where it is that we stand. Or we dismiss something because it doesn’t fit with our own ideals.


When you stop and think about it – this is very common and yet there is no reason for it. There is not one, unilateral belief system or truth. There is no singular “right answer” to this life.

Sure, there are commonly accepted concepts in some circles like the idea of souls, dimensions, or non-linear time perhaps but we should not force one idea over the over. We should not feel the pressure to accept all or any of it. Ditch the “all or nothing” approach and cherry pick the bits that work for you.

Making a patchwork quilt

The bits that you collect over time will start to form your own belief system, much like building up a patchwork quilt – you will add some scraps together and other parts will be specifically sought out. In the end it all combines to be one.

But what is belief?

Belief is really just a knowing. If you believe that the sky is blue you might not be able to describe why it is blue, but you just know in yourself that it is something that you believe. You may also feel compelled to seek out someone that can explain why the sky is blue – these people become your tribe.

A knowing comes from deep within you, what you know becomes your truth

Mastering your truth

It’s important to keep an eye on what you are stashing to make your quilt. You might not like some of it so get rid of it and replace it with something that works for you. It becomes quite empowering when you actively tune into what you are building. Eventually you might be like me and decide to turn that quilt into a flag and fly it.

Be honest with yourself about what you believe and be brave when it may be challenged (either by yourself or other people).

Fly your freak flag people, the world needs more of it.




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