Signs, synchronicities & validation

I had this thought today and the more I thought about it the more I realised it is one of those powerfully simple, universal truths.

“We are the validation that we seek”

Its natural to seek outside of ourselves and ask for signs, to wish for things and to wonder if our passed loved ones can hear us. We can sometimes become so focused on wanting signs for confirmation that we actually don’t see the other things that are happening in our lives all around us.

Synchronicities are everywhere! For example you think about someone and then they contact you or you usually turn right down a footpath but you turned left and bumped into an old friend. These things are the signs that we seek but we can get so fixated on receiving certain signs like feathers, or coins, or seeing spirits that we miss the universe in action. We want to prescribe how we will receive things when we need to remember to ask, wait and be open.

Awhile ago I had the epiphany that my own ideas and thoughts can be (and are) a form of divine guidance. I spent a long time dismissing anything that popped into my head, I had decided that my own thoughts, ideas and anything generated from my mind is not from a higher source.

During a rare bout of dedicated meditation, I learned that my own thoughts come into my head in a very different way – usually there is a chain. I see a tree and I think hmm green that’s nice, oh yeah I need to buy kale. Compared to walking along and seeing a tree and then thinking I need to drive and see my grandmother that very afternoon with an “urge” feeling associated with it. See the difference? One idea has a thought sequence, the other (the guidance) is unconnected to the other thoughts and has a feeling attached to it.

Pay attention to your thoughts and ideas they are guidance! Not sure if it’s your own mind making it up? Then I ask you this, what does it matter?

Wanting signs and confirmation that what you are experiencing is real – is VERY normal but my advice is to simply be aware and open to seeing your life as an opportunity for validation.



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