Predicting the future with tarot cards

Tarot cards are a collection of words, symbols and meaning that the tarot reader puts together to tell a story.

How does it work?

The tarot works on energy, everything is energy. Your thoughts are energy, the table is energy, people are energy. The tarot cards are energy.

Energy has its own language and I like to think of the cards as the translator between the spiritual world and our physical existence. You can touch the cards and anyone can do tarot readings! but not everyone is comfortable with the idea of “talking” to the spiritual world and not everyone can just switch this on, so for me tarot cards are like psychic mediumship for the everyday person.

The tarot reader uses their intuitive energy to discern meaning from the cards in order to help the person they are reading for.

Predicting the future

Tarot works by the reader picking up on your energy and path that you are travelling on at the time of the reading. If a card is showing you something to do with the future it is showing where your energy is going, where you are putting your thought and heart to AND where you are most likely to go based on your spiritual projection. But this can change….

This can change for two main reasons.

  1. You brought some baggage to your reading.

You might have had some deep, soul searching, dark thoughts about your current state of loneliness prior to a reading but decided to go along and ask about your career. Most tarot readers will have a ritual that they use in order to ensure that you are aligned and in a good space, but it doesn’t always happen according to plan. Consequently, the subject matter coming through might be about your loneliness and not about your career (the requested topic) the future cards might all appear in a reverse state or appear to show a period of isolation.

Lesson: the future cards might not “come true” as they are reading your future from your dark place and not your “normal” space.

The tarot cards are also very specific. I do a lot of distance readings and I asked to practice on a colleague awhile ago, she agreed and suggested to do it some time that week. I sat down that very night and asked my usual question for the second card: show me what is currently happening for this person. I got two court cards a male and female, a conflict card and one of the pentacles cards about the home. I was so baffled until it hit me, they are arguing about their home right now! Sure enough the next day I went into work and walked through the cards I drew and my interpretation and she confirmed that they were arguing that night about the very things I had described and written down. A big learning curve for me, don’t be too specific!

Lesson: I am not so specific now and I make sure that my layouts now draw out the wider context of the persons life.

  1. Free will.

The future card is showing you what is happening according to your energy now, guess what? You might change your mind, change a date, not act on your gut feeling, go against your gut feeling OR someone else’s free will may impact on this event and prevent it from happening or alter when it happens.

How to get around this

When I am reading I am aiming at the soul level, so I ask what is manifesting for this person in their current life and I ask the cards to show me how this will play out in their near future.

If I said to the cards “show me what they are going to be doing tomorrow” a myriad of things and events can come up but if I say “show me where their heart is resonating tomorrow / what will they experience” I can kind of account for your late bus, your unexpected turn down a wrong street or you forgetting day light savings and showing up an hour early for work.

Tarot cards and ‘future’ readings are not about predicting the future, as, the key to your life is in your hands and its written in your soul – your life contract. It can change with free will but by addressing key themes and experiences rather than the what it makes for a more enriching reading, the tarot cards are a torch shinning a light to show you the options and paths that are at your disposal.



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