Tarot FAQ – lets break it down

The world of tarot can be quite elusive or mysterious from the outside looking in. In this post I tackle some of the most frequently asked questions that I receive about Tarots.


Q. How do tarots work?

A. Refer to this earlier blog post about how tarots work

 Q. What is the process you use to draw cards?

Ritual is the key for any tarot reader.  Typically I do a quick grounding exercise first, then I connect with the cards by holding them and imagining a bright white light coming down through my crown chakra and into the cards. I shuffle the cards and think of the person I’m reading for and then I use intuition to the draw cards for each question.

Q. Are tarots mainly used to predict the future?

Check out the ‘predicting the future’ blog post. The quick answer is no – you can ask the tarots anything. I do ask the tarots to show me what is coming up for the person in the next 6 months or so, but this can change depending on where they put their energy.

Q. What do reverse cards mean?

I personally follow Biddy Tarot’s philosophy which is that upright cards refer to things, events or people that are external to you. Reverse cards refer to your inner world and what’s happening inside yourself.

Q. I’ve received a card with a “negative” meaning, what should I do?

Don’t panic, the card has brought this situation to your awareness for a reason. I believe there is no negative card it is society’s connotations with Death and the Devil (for example) that make you feel like it’s bad. If you find that you receive a card that says something like “you are focusing on your material world and it is to the detriment of your relationships” then you should see this as a sign post of where you can change, this is a positive thing!

Q. How do I act on a card’s advice?

When starting out with Tarot I would often receive some quite blunt messages that would really hit home. I would sometimes be left reeling, I would stare at the layout and messages and think now what? Do I go and start looking for a new job? Do I need to maybe go see a psychologist about that issue it picked up on? Have I neglected my friends to the point they no longer want to hang? I better google a girls weekend away….. I would go down a rabbit hole worrying about to “fix” issues. Or I would over analyse what the card reading meant.

The very fact the cards have shown this situation to you is quite often enough, you don’t need to necessarily make any major changes or take any major action. By simply being aware you have now interrupted that path and have the power to change it. So step one is to chill.

If you really want go deeper into a meaning then you can try these steps:

  1. Print off the picture of the card that really hit home and keep it in your wallet or next to your bed and just be conscious of it or aware of it.
  2. Journal about the issue, writing it down can get it out of your system.
  3. Once its acknowledged leave it alone! don’t think about it for a week and then revisit the situation and see how you feel.
  4. Get a follow up reading.

PS. This should totally be an actual tarot card…



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