The power of play

Building psychic / spiritual abilities can be as simple as playing, we take ourselves too seriously.


We live in a world of duality and because of this we often want things to be black and white. With spiritual stuff we want concrete evidence in order to believe that what we are experiencing is real.

What I started to play around with was dissolving the self-imposed barrier between my mind, my ideas and spiritual communication and guidance.

It started with writing. I just wrote what came to my mind, does it matter if it is my higher self or my human mind?

I started starting at people in a queue and imagined seeing colours around them, then I saw a hazy blurry outline around the person in front of me. Fact or fiction? what’s the harm?

With these experiences I learnt to really let go and trust.

If there was a formula for growth and expansion I’d say it would go something like this:

a playful mindset + trust = growth





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