My journey: update on my experiences

One of things I am committed to is being open and honest about my journey so I thought I would share an update of where I am at.


Increasing visualisations

Picture an elephant in your mind right now. The recall that you’re experiencing is how things are popping into my mind. It’s getting stronger and easier to tell what’s in my head (ego) and what is intuitive (outside of me).

People have described clairvoyance as a movie playing in your mind or in front of you. For me its not really like this it’s like looking in the back of my mind and I can’t quite focus on the image, if I try to clasp on to it to draw more information I lose it. So I get a visual and try to focus on the associated feelings that is coming with it.


I see sparkles of light more frequently and they vary in colour. They used to be mainly white but now I also see orange and blue.

Third eye chakra

I used to experience intense pressure / headaches in my third eye chakra, I seemed to have moved beyond that and can now focus my energy there and feel it …. opening ? this is the only word to explain it.I feel like I can now turn it on and off rather than it owning me, I seem to have more control over it.


Dreams / night time activity is back! But this time round I am learning things. The other night I had a scary dream and I remember thinking that I must scream louder to get help, well I ended up waking up my husband with my screaming! I was so excited because it means that I am starting to be able to interact in my dreams. I also had a dream where I was at a party and this fairy type person came up to talk to me and as she bent down to whisper something in my ear and I could smell her marshmallow lip balm and perfume. Scent / smell in a dream?! now that was cool.

Please comment below with anything that you are experiencing, I’d love to hear from you. Or join my facebook group graceful spirit community.



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