The power of thought

I recently wrote about the power of play. This week I’ve been embracing the power of thought…



We’ve all had those experiences where we’ve thought of someone or something and then it’s happened. Well, in the last week or so this has really ramped up a notch for me.

I thought about a friends daughter and then one night I had this urge to text my friend and reach out, I decided not to text as I felt it was rather presumptive of me. Turns out that night they’d had a big fight and my friend said that if I had text my help would have been welcomed.

Thought ‘tober

My mission for the month of October is to act on every thought.

As previous blog posts have stated, I am starting to be able to discern more between mind chatter vs. intuitive insights. I am also of the belief that if something is coming from a place of love then there really can’t be any wrong moves. So watch this space!

So far I have:

  • reached out to spiritual mutual acquaintance for a catch up
  • agreed to co-create content
  • decided on a reading for some Erik Medhus insights

And its only the second day of October!

I’m a little like this emoji…






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