Change your thoughts, change your life

In an earlier blog post ‘the concept of the self’ I introduced the topic of inner talk and set the scene for how important this is, especially if you are just opening up spiritually.

In this blog post I’d like to go into more detail about how you can change your mindset and thoughts.

Full disclosure – I mastered this lesson by watching this video by Bernadette Logue’s video ‘how to change your thoughts’ it was a serious light bulb moment for me.


The first thing I started to do was just notice what thoughts are going through my head and I tuned into what I was saying to myself. It was quite horrifying at times the negativity I aimed at myself and sometimes others too, especially if I didn’t like someone! Oops!

Tip – don’t beat yourself up about it but do try to improve it. If you notice yourself doing this, then while you are in the moment smile and send pink and red love vibes toward the person or yourself

Another video: ‘how to observe your thoughts

Step 1 is all about noticing and tuning in.


Now that you realise what is happening in your head, you can start to change your thoughts towards a more positive mindset. It is hard but you can master it, if I can do it you can too.

  • Notice your thoughts and anything that is negative just stop yourself in your tracks and reframe the sentence in your head.
  • Compliment people in your head as they walk towards you in the street
  • Smile at yourself every day in the mirror
  • Understand where your thoughts come from and start to notice if any area may need some specific healing

Step 2 is about actively trying to make a positive change.


Once you have started getting to grips with the two steps above you might notice that there is some junk from your past that is causing these thoughts. You may try to ignore your instinct on it but you know that you’ve got some baggage that needs to be cleared, time for some self-healing my friend!

I avoided this for so long. All the blogs and spiritual guru’s talk about self-healing and to me it sounded like it would have to be a really big, long and deep process. I couldn’t be bothered. I felt that for it to work I’d have to set up a tee-pee in my back yard, buy a smudge stick and do some intensive chanting for a couple of hours.

Wrong. Bernadette’s video made me step up and tackle it

Here is the way I dealt with some of my issues:

  1. Write down the theme e.g. money
  2. I wrote down my relationship with it: my first childhood memory, any negative thoughts associated with it through childhood and early adult life, what is present now?
  3. Take each thing noted in the above step and rewrite it into something positive e.g. it wasn’t my fault the business failed, I have skills, I can always make money, a business failure present in my childhood does not mean I will fail in my life
  4. Write down some affirmations about your future desired relationship, I picked 10 random ones from this website:
  5. Write an action plan for yourself. I would suggest a meditation on the theme you are trying to heal and 5 affirmations that you read when you start your day and before you go to bed
  6. For an extra boost I copied down my negative statements and the reframed positive ones, the top 5 affirmations and then I burnt it to release it all.

I did this over 20 minutes on the couch while watching TV. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, you just need to be real.


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