I used to deliberately and actively avoid any articles or information on manifesting / abundance. Everything I read started with this quote “your thoughts create your reality” this freaked me out.

Eventually when I was brave enough to tackle this subject I fell down a rabbit hole of worrying that every negative thought I had would come back to me and manifest the situation in my life.

Sigh *face palm*


Manifestation and the Law of Attraction are similar terms that in my opinion mean slightly different things. Manifestation or manifesting describes the process of creating that which you desire and Law of Attraction is the school of thought or term used to describe it once you have it.

Types of manifestation

There are two types of manifesting: intentional manifestation and unintentional or subconscious manifestation.

Intentional manifestation is fun and involves getting yourself into the energetic state of what you are seeking to be or achieve. You can do this through writing a manifesto, affirmations, meditation, new moon ceremonies. (New blog post alert! I will write on this soon).

Unintentional manifestation. In my experience this very rarely (if ever) involves you attracting a worse case scenario into your life out of thin air. It means that you aren’t even aware that you are energetically putting something out there! For example negative self-talk about your job or the way you view yourself may be blocking new experiences waiting to arrive at your door step. Or, a positive spin on unintentional manifestation is those lovely synchronicities that happen in life.

Can’t manifest what you desire?

Usually the culprit is a subconscious block where you wish to move on but you have inadvertently put a brick wall up between you and your goal. Or you are unintentionally manifesting a lack, where you have not quite fine-tuned your desire correctly and you are innocently manifesting that you will never achieve what you desire.


There is a relatively easy fix, the key to remember is:

  1. Be aware of how you are thinking and understand that your thoughts do play a part in what you attract in your life
  2. If you are trying to manifest something, ensure your language is in the present tense, where you already have what you desire e.g. “I am supported and respected” not “I will be supported and respected”
  3. Take time out to properly imagine your life in this new state. Your energy needs to be wholeheartedly behind it, living and breathing it

If you still can’t seem to get there, then you need to quieten your mind and figure out if there is something in your experiences and belief system that is holding you back.

Read my blog post on change your thoughts, change your life for tips on how to tune into your mind and then how you can heal aspects of your life that may be holding you back.

Don’t be me

Don’t worry that worrying will cause your worries to come true !


If you do catch yourself being negative then try this technique from Doreen Virtue where she simply says “cancel, clear, delete”.

Free e-book!

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