Affirmations are like little prayers, they uplift you and set your intentions alight.


How can you use them?
  • Healing – deliberately change thought patterns or beliefs
  • Empowerment – supporting and backing yourself
  • Raising your vibration – uplifting you to the next level

It is easy to sit back and imagine the things you wish to change or the things you desire, but the key to manifesting successfully is putting the energy behind the thought and taking an inspired step towards your goal. In order to show the universe that you are serious, you need to take whatever action you can – you need to show up.

Affirmations are a powerful yet simple way to do this.


I personally love “I am” affirmations as they set the tone of the present, that you already have what you desire. This is very important! Make sure you are not affirming a lack in your life by using terms like I will, one day, I want to have etc.

There are many websites out there with examples but I would encourage you to write your own.

  1. Think about an area that you would like to improve
  2. If you had this in your life what would you feel like? What would success look like?
  3. Take time to visualise this
  4. Write your affirmations down
  5. Set and forget. If I am doing a healing affirmation I like to write about 6 down and then burn the paper to release it. If I am doing some general life purpose or empowerment affirmations I will write it down in my journal and put it away, I revisit it 2-3 months later.
  6. Tip: combine writing affirmations with gratitude journaling (write 3 things every day that you are grateful for)
  7. Do you have a vision board? Stick your affirmations on there for an added boost
My life

I had a job that I was relatively happy with, I liked my team and managers. After a tough few months I found myself really exhausted and overwhelmed. My health took a hit and eventually I realised that I was not as happy as I could be.

I thought about my ideal working situation and visualised the setting and the emotions and feelings that came with it. I wrote down: I am valued, I am supported, I am respected.

Within a month of setting these intentions I was offered a new job and I couldn’t help but wonder about the timing and all of the intention work that I had done.


You will find that people that like affirmations or any of the related topics like manifesting, abundance and intention setting will be very passionate about it! That is because we have found it really works.

What’s the worst that can happen? Give it a go.


Find which one resonates with you and go for it



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