Quick review: I AM Power Deck

I recently purchased the I am power deck by Love, Light and Legacy. OMG, love!

I have wanted an I am affirmation deck for awhile now and I was on Instagram when I saw Sarah Petruno post about them. Ask and you shall receive, thank you universe.


Normally when a new deck arrives I will take the time to attune to the cards and I will do a 1 – 3 activation rituals and even sleep with the deck under my pillow. With this deck I opened it and straight away picked up that the deck had a really noticeable playful / enchanting energy. They make you smile and want to have fun.

I started shuffling and a card flew out of the pack – we were good to go and have never looked back!

I love all of the affirmations and the ability to create your own. They have been very accurate for myself and others that I have used them for.

I have been using them as an extra boost for my tarot readings and using them as daily practice for myself.

I love them.

How many times have I said love in this post? LOVE.



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