Thoughts become things

I recently introduced the topic of manifestation, in this post I’d like to follow up with some practical ways that you can intentionally create manifestation rituals for yourself.
To begin

It really all starts with what resonates with you, do you like crystals? Are you drawn to astrology / numerology and the moon? Maybe you like writing or you prefer speaking or meditating. All of these things will work.

This is what I do…

It’s easier if you pick a time when you are alone, take a few deep breaths. Ground yourself and surround yourself in white light. I like to feel the positive vibes, I literally feel higher vibrations coming through me.

Think about the area you’d like to improve, what is it that you desire? Let’s take a new job opportunity as an example. I would picture myself happy, confident and owning it. Then I would look around in this vision, am I in a team or by myself? Am I corporate or something else? Take some clues from this vision and start to picture what you would feel in this environment. Really embody this feeling, stick with it for a couple of minutes if you can.

Come back to the present, I like to start writing at this point. Write down that feeling: I am confident, I am supported, I am valued, I am deserving, I am happy, I am abundant, I have all that I need and more etc.

Sit back and read it over, make any final edits and now it’s time to set it free.

Be free!

You can do this by:

  • Adding “and so it is” to the end
  • Folding it up and leaving it on your windowsill with a crystal or rock on top of it, invite your guides and angels to come and pick it up
  • I personally like to burn it
  • Put it in a drawer and leave it alone for a couple of months
  • Go back into your vision and say “and so it is” then breathe out really deep and send the vision out, up and away from you
Over to you

Your job is to put it out of your mind and let the universe take care of things. In saying this though, you do need to step up and show that you are serious about it, so think about what step you can take that shows you are committed to this change. Using the example above, you might set aside some time to fix up your CV.

Don’t worry or try to set the how. Hold the end vision in your mind, not the individual steps of how to get there.

Stay on the roof

I heard a channeling recently where the pleiadians said that setting an intention in motion is like climbing up to the roof top of a tall building and releasing a boomerang. You release it and while you are waiting for it to come back you start to worry, will it come back? Where is it? Where should I wait? This worrying takes you down a level, you end up so far down that you are no longer on the roof to catch the boomerang when it comes back to you.

To stay in the vibration I repeat affirmations to myself every morning. When you do this, you aren’t dredging back up the whole vision you are just keeping it alive with one key phrase that represents this broader vision.

Not working?
  • It might not be the right time yet
  • You might think you are ready but something is holding you back
  • You have focused on the how, the steps and not the end game
Other manifestation techniques
  • Use a candle, the lighting of the candle represents the beginning of your ceremony and blowing it out releases your intentions and closes the ceremony
  • Look up the new moon dates and bury your manifestation in the soil
  • Create a vision board that represents what you want, put some dedicated time aside to build it (you enter a focused / meditative state) then put it somewhere that you can see it each day
  • Take a bath with aromatherapy oils (you might want to choose ones that align with chakra’s)

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Law of Attraction


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