How do you read the future? (timelines)

I was asked recently, how do people read the future? energetically how does it all work?
Big question! I will try to do my best to answer it from my own perspective.

Let’s back up a step…

You are manifesting your life, your current experiences through the thoughts you have and where you choose to direct your energy.

Every thought creates an energetic thread

Every thought or desire that you have, every day dream or wish is a potential opportunity of how your life will unfold. These energetic threads create possible timelines for your life.

Timelines is the word that I use, it comes from the actual image that I see. I see a persons life path as a line of light that they are walking on.

There are other terms, like parallel realities.

So now you are freaking!

Don’t freak out! Just because you imagined your kids being carted off by a stranger in a fit of mum rage doesn’t mean it’s now possibly going to happen in the next week. Conversely, I’m afraid its equally true of the day dream you had where Brad Pitt showed up on your door step asking you to marry him! Sigh, probs not going to happen.

But why though?

Timelines have different weights

Timelines have different weights, different strengths. The weight relates to its likelihood of it happening in the here and now. The Brad Pitt day dream may be a timeline but if your energy isn’t 100% invested there, if your soul isn’t 100% signed up to casting that particular net – then its likelihood of coming true is lowered.

Being Brad Pitt’s wife may not align to your life purpose, your ultimate life path and the lessons you’re here to learn.

What can I do?

I look at the ultimate life path, where all the timelines that serve your highest good are contained. I will look at what is feeding into it (good and not so good timelines). This is where the “reading the future” part comes in. I am not a full practicing medium but I intuitively tap this when im doing tarot readings.

What can you do?

Think about everything it is that you desire at a deep level.

Ensure you are energetically embodying these things that your heart wishes for.

Change your thoughts, change your life.


  1. Thoughts are energy
  2. Big thoughts about your life create possible timelines
  3. They have different weights which correlate to its likelihood of “coming true”
  4. You are in control by ensuring you are vibing where you want to be

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